User Manual

Bottle Instruction

Instruction Video Link:

Steps to follow before use:

Remove SILICA GEL DESICCANT PACK from within the bottle before use

Charge AQUAME Smart Water Bottle before use, connect charging cable to top of the bottle lid and you should see the battery symbol in active when the bottle is in charging mode. When the battery icon is all fill up, this is an indication that the bottle is fully charged and ready to be used


Touchable Bottle Lid LCD Screen


Drink Reminder Function

Daily Hydration Intake Data

*Switch from Temperature to Percentage can do done by touching the center of the screen


Water Left Overnight Reminder



App Instruction

Download the App 

You can download the AQUAME App from the App Store by searching AQUAME

*For the Bottle and the App to automatically track your daily water intake, after sucessfully connecting to the AQUAME Smart Water Bottle, You Must set your own daily water intake goals first.


*Please ensure Bluetooth Function is turned on in your Smart Phone Device

* In order for the Smart Water Bottle to Record and Transit the hydration data from bottle to app, Bottle Must be placed upright on flat surface.

  • Press Register to create a new account
  • Press Login to login with existing account


  • Select country of location and fill in your email and password details, once details have successfully been filled in, a verification code will be sent to the email address you have enter in during registration, correctly enter in the verification code and you will have successfully created your new account.


  • After you have sucessfully login, you will be given the opinion to enter in detail such as your Name and a Avatar
  • Please ensure you select OK to allow aquame to use your bluetooth function to connect to AQUAME Smart Water Bottle 


AQUAME App Main Screen

  1. Status of the connection between AQUAME Smart Water Bottle and the App, it will either show (Disconnected or Connected)
  2. You can manually add water by clicking the manual add water icon, a drop down menu will appear, select the preset amounts. Once finished, press done.
  3. Live datafeed of current water temperature inside the AQUAME Smart Water Bottle
  4. Battery status of the AQUAME Smart Water Bottle
  5. Main water intake data, display the daily intake goal you have selected, the amount that has been drunk from the bottle and the percentage you on currently on towards reaching your daily hydration intake goal



Connecting AQUAME Smart Water Bottle to AQUAME App

  • In Setting Tab, select Add Bottle will enable you to connect to your AQUAME Smart Water bottle
  • Select Account to view your personal details such as Name, Set Daily Intake Goal. The function to either Logout or Delete Account is available in the account section
  • Select Daily water intake goal, will give you to opinion to personalise your own daily intake goal. 
  • You are able to select water measurement either in Ounce or Milliliters on the top left hand corner


  • Upon selecting Add Bottle in the Setting Tab, AQUAME App will attempt to locate and connect to your AQUAME Smart Water Bottle, if it is successfully connect it will display message stating "Bottle has been added", the connection status on top right corner will also change from Disconnected to Connected.


  • If you are having issues with connecting the AQUAME App to AQUAME Smart Water Bottle, please ensure Bluetooth is turned on and allowed to be used by the AQUAME App.


  • Reset AQUAME Smart Water Bottle if needed, by charging it for 10 seconds, then remove the charging cable and press and hold the bottom of the LCD Screen on the AQUAME Smart Water Bottle Lid for 10 seconds, once you hear a long beep noise, the bottle has successfully been reset, you can attempt to try connect the bottle to the app again, if you are still having further connecting issues, please feel free to contact us at



  • The History Tab will keep all your Hydration Data for upto 30 days, you have the function to select Day/Month, which will display hydration data by date or hour in a bar graph format


if you further questions or issues, please contact us on