• A Melbourne-based startup has launched a pathbreaking water bottle named AQUAME, which is a smart bottle that can track the daily water intake of a person and monitor their hydration.

  • This sleek design and the innovative technology of the water bottle is already grabbing attention.

  • the AQUAME bottle and app make it simple to establish goals and monitor daily water consumption.

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Track Your Intake

Never wonder again about the amount of water you’re consuming. Connect to AQUAME APP and monitor your drinking habits and keep an eye on how you’re trending.


Crush Your Goals

Our smart bottle watches your daily H2O intake, so you don’t have to. You can view your hydration data at a glance to be certain you’re hitting your milestones. AQUAME smart water bottle will show you how much of your daily target you’ve reached before it’s time to refill.


Colder. Longer. Happier

Made from top-tier stainless steel, our bottle is designed to keep things frosty. Enjoy a crisp, refreshing sip whenever you desire. Quench your thirst and stay cool, always.


Heat That Lasts

We know that sometimes you need a hot beverage instead. Our superior insulation keeps your water warm up to 12 hours. When it comes to temperature-controlled convenience, no one else compares.

Features in detail

  • Rechargeable

    Keeping your bottle fully powered is as simple as attaching our magnetic charger. Experience hours of usage with quick 2 hour charge time. The future of smart hydration has arrived.

  • LCD Display

    Our touch-screen monitor shows you everything you need to know about the contents of your bottle. From the temperature of the water to how much you’ve consumed, all your vital stats are presented in high definition.

  • Durable Design

    Our premium bottle is built to perform no matter where life leads. It locks in hot and cold temperatures for up to 12 hours, closes airtight to prevent leaks and spills, and is completely waterproof. You can count on our materials in even the harshest of conditions.

Say NO to Single Use Plastic

Help the planet, help reduce your impact on the environment, by Investing in a AQUAME Reusable Smart Water Bottle.